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Jungle Onion (Flocculent - Guatemala)
Hello everyone, this is my pitch to become an Emanate rep. A little about me I’m 26 years old, I live in Guatemala, a beautiful country that despite being a small Central American country, is well known for its natural beauty. I studied marketing and advertising from 2012 - 2016. After I graduated I became actively involved in the cryptocurrency space and pretty much focused in learning as much as I could like the differences between a token, coin, types of blockchains, consensus mechanisms, the trilemma of decentralization, security and scalability all blockchains face and current solutions different projects are proposing. I am passionate about blockchain from the technological aspect as well as its philosophy. I've always been passionate about music but not until one year ago I started to become serious about making music. I play drums, guitar and anything with a keyboard. I currently play in a rock band as the drummer and have my solo project of instrumental music. You can check my music as well as my social media here How do I foresee myself contributing to Emanate as a rep? The music industry here in Guatemala is small but there's lots of talent in different genres. I know many bands and artists even recording engineers that could bring quality to the platform but overall I am willing to assist any artists that needs any type of help regarding blockchain and emanate. I wrote about emanate in my blog where I write about music, blockchain, and other topics I like. I am fully bilingual and fluent in both spoken and written english so I don't have any problem assisting in spanish as well as in english and if I could help translating content, media, etc, I can do that as well. Here's my portfolio of translations Thank you for reading and if you like me as a rep I will appreciate your vote.
Brooklyn Cullen (Melbourne, Australia)
Hi Trent, Sean and the Emanate team, I'm excited to be in touch with you guys as my long time friend and business mentor Nicholas Stevenson has passionately discussed with me your Emanate venture - it sounds brilliant! Having a personal background in music, I understand the struggles facing existing and rising musicians today. I believe Emanate has the ability to dramatically change the online music industry, in redistributing control and wealth back to musicians in real time that could really create a massive spike in music creativity globally. Music and composition has been and forever will be my greatest passion. I began playing the piano at 8 years old and since then I have completed high level AMEB musicianship exams, competed and played in bands and composed and scored a number of my own music pieces. So hearing about Emanate really got me excited! For the past two years I've been involved in the sales industry, proactively selling electricity retailers door to door and have trained, motivated and managed my own sales team. I absolutely love any opportunity to use and challenge my communicational skills whether it's through public speaking, teaching or selling a product and am always super keen to expand my knowledge and jump at any new opportunities. I'd absolutely love to be part of the team at Emanate should an opportunity arise and look forward to meeting the people Nicholas has talked so passionately about. Kind Regards, Brooklyn.
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